Ramen: Not Your Grandma’s Noodles

To visit Japan on a quest for great food is like jumping off the tallest diving board into the deep end of the pool. Only imagine for a moment the pool is filled with noodles and you are wearing a suit made of meat. In other words, (just in case my analogy is lost on […]

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Bun-Cha Cha Cha

Let’s back up a little bit. Before I tell you about dumplings in Hong Kong, or rice and fish in Palawan, we must go back to Vietnam, to Hanoi to be exact, a place where we found a love for flavors we didn’t even know existed. So, bend those knees, work those hips, and buckle up […]

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Get in My Belly, Pork Belly

This week I had a birthday.  The big TWO-NINE! Jesus christ that number is crazy, right? Twenty-eight was a nice, even number, it’s even kind of cute sounding! Thirty is… well, we all know what thirty is. While it has all sorts of negative connotations at least it’s a number that registers on people’s radars. […]

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