‘A Day For Kings’ is very different from ‘King For A Day’.  King For A Day implies that only one person can be King at a time, it also would seem to me that being King for that Day (while full of perks) would also involve some amount of King-ly responsibility.  A Day For Kings, on the other hand, is an exclamation of a day so great, so full of surprises that you feel as if someone has granted you a rare gift. You can share this gift with all of those around you, making them the recipients of the day, too. A Day For Kings could include any of the following but is not exclusive to: a walk along the water, a ferry ride, ice cream cones, drinks on a rooftop, a movie in the park, maybe some dogs thrown in there.  Or a Day For Kings could simply be a day long movie marathon that involves takeout from at least 3 different places.  BLT’s with a fried egg on a sunny Friday morning would qualify as a great start to one of these types of days.  Especially if this breakfast includes banging Bloody Mary’s and is followed by – I don’t know, maybe a bundled beach hot chocolate nap and listening to records of Joseph Heller reading from Catch 22.  Well, that just so happens to be where my day went – and boy am I tickled about it.

IMG_3425” This is a Day For Kings !” I shouted to the sky reveling in the sheer joy of seeing the sun shining brightly on the sea.


I sometimes forget to eat BLT’s. I don’t know why, I should basically always eat them they are that good.  While the simplicity of this particular sandwich is what makes it so wonderful – adding a fried egg never hurt anybody, and in this case just makes the whole thing a more appropriate and well-rounded breakfast option. Crunchy salty bacon and runny yolk are like the food world equivalent of Michelle and Barak, they seems to compliment each other with effortlessness and yet neither overpowers the other.  A balanced equation of flavor and goodness.  Toss in the crunchy tang of fresh lettuce plucked straight from the garden, and egg cooked in a cast iron pan (duh), maybe a little tomato action, a thick smothering of mayo to round it out, and magically a spectacular sandwich is born.    As with anything marked by a few simple ingredients it is best served to try for optimal quality.



These types of days (or sandwiches) are not to be taken lightly. You never know when another one may arrise.  It should be savored and revered for it’s beautiful nature.  Yes, you should strive to have a Day Fit For a King all of the time, but this is not something you can force. It must manifest itself naturally and with ease.  Am I freaking you out yet? no? ok, good.



I suppose the same is true of this sandwich. You can’t, you shouldn’t (you shan’t?) force this one too often. You should enjoy it each time as if it’s a completely new invention that you have yet to savor.  This way the BLT remains a perfect little gem of a sandwich. Never overly belabored or fussed with. Just satisfying and delectable. The perfect start to a Day for Kings.

So I will admit to you here, this is not a blog post about cooking, this is more a post about letting your day unravel as it wishes. Freeing yourself from plans or obligations so that the Day can become something wonderful on it’s very own.  A Day For Kings is a gift from the thingsfallingintoplace Gods and you should be open enough to accept the gifts they offer when they come to you.



If you need a recipe for this sandwich I’m assuming you’ve never actually eaten one – in which case, get thee to a supermarket or farmer’s market ASAP.    I will however list the steps AND as a bonus I will include my super awesome Bloody Mary recipe that pairs oh so perfectly.

Fry bacon in a cast iron pan if you got it.  3 pieces per person.  Remove bacon to a paper towel to drain. Fry your eggs in the remaining grease (if it’s too much grease just take some out).  Meanwhile toast bread, slice tomato, wash and pat dry lettuce. Slather both sides of your bread with a generous layer of mayo, layer the ingredients, salt and pepper with purpose. Close, and eat your hear out.  Your welcome.

Bloody Mary’s You will LOVE
*serves 4-6 depending on how much you like bloody mary’s
1 liter of tomato juice
1 1/2 cups of good vodka (this is pretty strong, but add more if you like it with more of a get you drunk kick)
10-15 shakes of worcestershire sauce
10 shakes tabasco
1-teaspoon horseradish
juice of 1 lemon
generous pinch of celery salt (if you have it). kosher salt is fine, too
generous amount of freshly ground pepper
celery stick for garnish
lots of ice

Combine all the ingredients in pitcher and stir to combine.  Add ice as needed to each glass, garnish with stick of celery an extra squeeze of lemon.  Feel free to play around if you like. I often add a touch of the liquid from a can of chipotle peppers to provide a little smokiness, anchovy paste, olives, pickled peppers all work as well.

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