Wedding Withdrawl

Our wedding!

Yes, we totally did it!  We threw the ultimate wedding weekend!  August 17th – 19th now marks the 3 best days of my young adult life!  Excuse my overuse of exclamation points in this post. I just don’t think there is a an appropriate (and grammatically correct way) to express how overwhelmingly exciting and awesome our wedding made me feel.  If I could invent an everlasting gobstopper for this wedding, to extend time and force us into a vortex-like constant state of bliss, surrounded by those we love, believe you me,  I would — and I would force that gobstopper on everyone there.

The unique ceremony consisted of 3 shots of sake and a foot bath of milk!

The joy (the joy!) of having so many people I love in one place, together, dancing, drinking, laughing, building, crafting, decorating, practicing, performing.  Most people would say that so many good people at a wedding is a testament to me and Udi, but I can’t take credit for a second the amount of work our friends put in to make this weekend a massive success. And since I was far too drunk to mention everyone by name at the wedding itself,  I think it’s safe to say “Thank you” to everyone who helped us make the fun rain over this delicious weekend.  To Alon who officiated the most dynamic ceremony on earth.  To our good friends and the two best Dj’s in Tel Aviv. To our housemates and extended Tel Aviv ‘family’ who worked so hard to perform our song, who made the most elaborate Mad Men inspired video ever.  To friends from Xoho. To friends from abroad who went through so many hoops to get here, not mention being harassed endlessly by security at the airport. To family that dealt with the heat, To our Jennifer Lopez.   Not to mention Liraz and his crew at Morel Restaurant in Abirim.

probably the only typical tradition we performed

Knowing Liraz for a few years I had no doubt that whatever he would do would blow minds, and I was so right.  Risotto with shrimp and mussels, bbq ribs, insane salads filled with eggplant, carpaccio that melted in your mouth, handmade gnocchi, chilled gazpacho, and steak and scrambled eggs! The steaks were served at 3am when we had been dancing for hours and needed a pick-me-up of epic proportions. I’m talking about plate after plate of pillowy scrambled eggs topped high with layers of perfectly charred steak, covered in a mustard cream sauce that soaked up steak juice and then seeped it’s way into the buttery eggs making for the ultimate late night snack.




handmade centerpieces! paper flowers and plants picked from the surrounding woods

Of course there were friends/family who couldn’t make there way to Israel. Let’s be honest – this place is freaking far from the States by most standards, rendering it impossible for many. Which is really the only bummer that I can think of; that not EVERYONE I love could be in this wedding. But have no fear, when Udi and I make it stateside, we will be celebrating with you!  Different setting, different people,  but equal amounts of love to be distributed.

So what does one do with themselves after 3 days of partying and dancing?  Well, if you are me, you manage to pull a muscle while lying around on the beach. Don’t ask me how – but pull a muscle I did.  And then I suppose you start to get back to real life. You say goodbyes to those who must fly away, you go back to work, you do laundry, you sort through bags of fabric and tools, you start planning your next big thing.  You cook dinners for you and your newly anointed partner(or vice versa), you clean the house, you basically do normal life stuff.

I decided in this post-wedding world of mine, that I should not wallow in the fact that life is not nearly as exciting as vacation summercamp wedding bliss.  Instead, I should try to incorporate the things that made us so happy into every day life….starting tomorrow.  Today I think all I can manage is a Korean inspired noodle dish.   Which may actually be more Thai than Korean, but seeing as how I plopped several spoons of Gochujang in the sauce, we can be flexible here, right?  Also, I added some cut up pieces of Udi’s mom’s chicken shnitzel, adding yet another ethnicity to this delightful little dish.

Korean…err Thai…. Inspired Noodle Number *this is a dish to make from any variety of ingredients you have in your fridge. Flexibility is key. The thing i keep relatively consistant is the sauce.

1/2 package of Rice Noodles
2 carrots cut however you please
1/2 head of cabbage, shredded
1/4 bunch of chard or some other dark green, roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic, sliced
1″ ginger, grated
4-6 green onions, chopped (separate white part from green)
2 teaspoons sesame oil
3 or 4 tablespoons soy sauce
1-2 tablespoon fish sauce
2 tablespoons gochujang (korean chili paste- lugged from california by me)
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
1-2 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon sugar
juice of 3 limes
1 bunch cilantro, roughly chopped
handful sesame seeds

In a big wok or other large pan, sesame oil in when it’s nice and hot, quickly add your ginger, garlic, and the white parts of your green onion – stir. When those are fragrant (not burned), add your carrots and continue stirring.

At this point begin cooking your noodles – most noodles should only take a few minutes. When they are finished cooking, drain and drizzle with a bit of sesame oil or regular oil.

Once the carrots have softened a bit add in your cabbage and continue stirring.  Then add your chard.

In a small bowl combine your soy, oyster sauce, fish sauce, gochujang, honey, sugar.

Add this sauce to your wok, stir. Immediately add your cooked noodles. Squeeze in the juice of the limes, toss in cilantro. Taste for seasoning.  It should be pretty spicy at this point, with a tangy bite from the limes.  Sprinkle with sesame seeds and enjoy!

*If you are like me and happen to have some cooked chicken around, it makes a fine addition to the dish. Feel free to add it when you add the cabbage so it has time to warm through and be coated in sauce.

the pinata that we broke open at the end of the ceremony!
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  1. Melishka

    somehow I didn’t read this until right now when I decided to look up your cauliflower soup recipe again so I can make it for my family on thanksgiving! I love you guys! I can’t wait to cook with you someday again! Happy Thanksgiving!

    20 November, 2012
    • zoelitta

      did you make the soup?? i went with a cream of mushroom soup this year.

      25 November, 2012