Onto the Next Step…MARRIAGE!

That’s right, folks.  Udi and I are getting hitched, biting the bullet, putting
a ring on the ol’ digit!

And boy oh boy are these exciting times.

This is what we know so far.  An amazing chef, restaurant owner and friend will be throwing the wedding out of his place Morel Restaurant in a picture perfect village called Abirim in the north of Israel.   And we know that there will be a lot of meat to chew on and tunes to dance to. Plus some booze.  It is what I call a recipe for a great time. Get it? Recipe for a great time…food blog… ok, enough.

Liraz is the steak slinging genius that I am entrusting to feed my guests right.  I’ve had the pleasure to eat at his place a number of times and I have yet to be disappointed with a single thing. Morel, in the western Galilee has views to the Mediterranean but is surrounded by lush forests and old stones.  Liraz has this chilled out open kitchen with only the bare bones of necessary appliances.  On any given night you might find Liraz and his two kids busy at work there. His daughter tosses steaks on the grill with one hand and texts to her friends with the other, while his son, donned in chef whites, plates the fish and meat with a delicate touch.  Clearly both have learned a thing or two from their pops.

Here are some pics of my last trip up to Abirim. The spring flowers were in full bloom and there were literally horses just hanging around in the woods. Seriously…. magical, mythical horses roaming free, playing, prancing, eating from a big oak tree. Stop me if this sounds like your last mushroom trip.  And the dogs! The dogs in Abirim traipse around the village escorting you as you walk the streets to buy some goat cheese from a neighbor’s house.  They sleep directly in the middle of the road so that every car is forced to go around.

Seriously, horses in the woods – hanging out.

To make a long story short, we are totally psyched.

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Comments 2

  1. Alonzo gordo

    I love you guys!

    29 April, 2012
  2. couponstaughtme

    I want to hang out with horses.

    2 May, 2012