Matzo Ball Heaven

I skipped out on the traditional seder this year for various reasons. Instead Udi and I had a fancy dinner for two at home in our candlelit garden, white wine and all.  But waking up the next day I had a hunger for something that I couldn’t quite satisfy.  I tried bbq wings, I tried pita with humus, I even tried icecream (poor me, I know).  And still I was not satisfied.  But that is when it hit me. I need my Grandmother’s matzo ball soup, and I needed it big time ASAP.  And seeing as how my grandma lives in NJ I would have to figure out how to get her matzo ball soup into my tummy without having to fly her here to do it.  She was generous enough to pass on her recipe to me, which I will be keeping secret from now until eternity, but she offered one key ingredient that I think many people forget when they cook this or any other dish year after year…After 1/2 a cup of this and before 1 teaspoon of that you need to add 1 Gallon of LOVE.  Which is precisely what I did.   I also found that there are some clear tricks to getting just the right texture.

1. Refrigerate your matzo mixture for at least one hour.
2.  Handle your mixture very little. I literally took a big spoon, scooped out a spoons worth of mixture, used my fingers to pull it off the spoon and then plopped it in the water.

The result of this step is a soft and pillowy matzoh ball with wispy edges that can float away if nudged with a spoon and hearty dense center that has so much toothsomeness that it’s addictive to chew these balls.  In fact, growing up my cousins and I would often compete ball for ball to see who could down the most in one dinner.  After all, what else is there to look forward to in a seder?  If you say gefilta you are lying.

3. Don’t forget the love or my grandma will be very upset.

Thanks for the recipe Grandma!  If you don’t have a Jewish grandmother to get a recipe from, find a friend who does.  They have the secret to the matzo balls. I promise.

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