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Recipe Comix: Year-Redeeming Bacon-Wrapped Sausages
Anthony Clark's Comic

my best friend Melissa sent me a really cool link to Saveur Magazine’s “Recipe Comix”. The magazine asked a bunch of known comic book artists to draw them a recipe. The results are fanfreakintastic! It got me thinking about illustrating my own recipes.  I draw a lot, and often I draw food – but I have yet to draw a recipe…hmm…a challenge.

Melissa is a wonderful comic book artist, you should check out her blog


I’ve spent the last 6 1/2 years or our friendship admiring her work, and she recently self published her own book called Freddy Stories!  Sometimes I forget to look to my friends for inspiration in what I’m doing creatively.  Melissa is such a creator and innovator and I think I will look in her direction for inspiration this week (look out for a recipe comic!!)

I started illustrating veggies awhile back.  It never really went anywhere, but maybe there is potential in them

and here is some broccoli that I cooked

chicken and broccoli

The recipe for this dish will happen eventually.  I made it awhile back to satisfy an american style chinese food craving — it was a huge hit. HUGE.

stay tuned…

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