hello world!

i read these things like crazy – its like nervously popping peanut m&m’s in my mouth while watching a movie. Before I know it the bag is cleaned dry and I forgot what I was doing. I can read food blogs and do a million other things at the same time. Then something catches my attention, I look more closely, and more often then not, I head straight to the kitchen and start cookin’. I end up thinking to myself, “wow, i had no idea just how badly I wanted mushrooms cooked slowly in butter today!”. Food blogs are my hypnotist, my subliminal messaging system. I get signals from the far reaches of the world by reading about other people’s stories and recipes.

and while there are a million good ones out there (i know because my reader is chock full at the moment) I have always wanted to be one of ‘those people’. Someone who’s got the balls to put there ideas on the interweb’s mainframe -er, on the world wide web of humanity! ….in other words, to push myself in a new direction and put my own thoughts, recipes, food photos, tid bits, tales, questions, queries, and whathaveyou on the page. After all, as a wise friend recently advised me, If you want to make an omelette, you gotta crack some eggs.

an egg couple (or a couple of eggs?)
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